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Coffee Cup Stains Coffee stains can sometimes be hard to remove but denture tables will make it much easier. Simply fill the stained cup with water — drop in a tablet and wait 15 minutes. Then wash cup as usual.

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Coffee Pots and Tea Kettles Just as the tablets will remove coffee stains from cups, they also work well for Coffee Carafes, Tea Kettles and even hard to clean thermoses. Fill the item with water — drop in two denture tablets and leave overnight. Then wash item as usual the next morning.

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  7. Diamond Cleaner Get your diamond rings or earring sparkling again by dropping a denture tablet in a glass of water and letting your jewelry soak in the mixture for a few minutes. Then remove and gently dry. Glass Vases Flowers can leave stains in glass vases that are sometimes hard to reach if the vase is narrow. To remove the stains easily, fill the vase with fresh water and drop an Efferdent tablet in. The bubbles will go to work on the stains and after 15 minutes you can simply rinse the vase out.

    Laundry Efferdent Denture Tablets work great for removing yellow underarm stains. Drop two tablets in a cup of water — wait about 3 minutes or when the bubbling finishes then pour the water over the stain. Let it sit for about 10 minutes then wash shirts as usual. Toilet Bowl Cleaner Efferdent works great as a toilet bowl cleaner.

    Dentists recommend Secure Denture Adhesive Cream

    Simply drop two Efferdent Denture Tablets into the toilet bowl, let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub with a toilet brush and flush. Unclog Drains The bubbles in Efferdent work great for unclogging drains. Simply break up one or two tablets — drop them in the clogged drain and then follow it up by running some very hot water down the drain. Soak dental appliance for minutes daily to clean. Rinse thoroughly under running water. Do not use on partials with Ticonium Alloy old discontinued material that was damaged by all cleansers.

    Do not put Cleanadent Liquid Crystals solution in mouth. Do not swallow. Keep away from eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

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    Do not spill. Always see a dental professional for dental advice.

    Please dispense product with caution, over a sink. If any Cleanadent Liquid Crystals solution is accidentally spilled, please wipe with a disposable paper towel. This product has been tested by 3rd parties for safety and efficacy and was designed not to discolor the material on oral appliances, like plastic, acrylic, nylon, certain metals, etc. It was not designed for the softer material of fabrics, and as such may cause discoloration on those materials.


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    For extra precaution, do not leave the Cleanadent Liquid Crystals bottle directly on a countertop, but on a paper towel or tray. Our upcoming Uni-Dose packaging will not have this issue, and will be perfect for travel!

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    B Sonic Cleaner. Remove loosened particles with a soft brush.

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    Extremely soiled dentures may require an overnight soak. Visit our Cleaning Tips page for more detailed instructions for specific oral appliances.

    Denture cleaning Tablets. Other uses.

    This product does not contain bleach, alcohol, chlorine or other harsh chemicals, but the undiluted product does have a low pH. Reviews Gary B. I love that mint flavor! Hats off to Dr. Keep up the good work. Sara B. Rick Coker, DDS I had a patient just last week whose thrush cleared up almost entirely just from using your Cleanadent crystals! Susan R.

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    I am recommending this to all of my sleep appliance patients. Gail Moss verified owner I used it when I had thrush and it cleared up within days.