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How to remove wrench icon from dashboard display. Thread starter Goose Start date May 26, Goose Free Member. Hi from sunny France. Just before leaving the UK we had a major service done on the motorhome. Now we're in France the service wrench icon has appeared on the dashboard with the comment "service coupon expired" appearing on start-up. I read in a previous thread that this can happen if a service occurs before schedule.

I realize a dealer can easily remove the wrench icon but we're in France now. Does anyone know how to remove the wrench icon from the dashboard display of a 2. I found a Ducato handbook online but the removal procedure per the handbook doesn't apply to models. YOU know when it needs servicing.

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American Dream Free Member. Hi Found this. I don't know whether it'll work but Last edited: May 26, Autoquest Free Member. I have my van serviced by an independant and he told me that Sevel have introduced a new OBD socket OBD2 and this can only be accesed by a Sevel dealer and it's the only way to clear the service light.

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Warning,,, this could invalidate your warranty if you have one. Spot on works with all MK 2's; no need for fancy gadgets American Dream said:. Here is a reply from another forum Rob.

Setting of the parameters of the service indicator The procedure for setting the parameters consists in selecting the appropriate service interval for the conditions in which the vehicle will be used from among the values programmed in the instrument panel. Figure : e3bk00ud This operation is carried out by configuration : Place the ignition in position MAR first turn of key Wait for the spanner warning light to finish flashing Press the button at b for 5 seconds The indication cfg1 - cfg 2 - cfg 3 appears, the operation is confirmed Press the button at b briefly to select the chosen configuration cfg 1 - cfg 2 - cfg 3 Press the button at b for 5 seconds to store the chosen configuration Configuration table : Current operation engine Duration Code petrol engines km miles or 2 year CGF 1 SOFIM 2.

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Thanks fellas. So many responses so quickly. Haven't a clue which bulb you're talking about Pappajohn, but thanks for your help anyway. American Dream, Schojac and Rob: thanks for your efforts but I have a feeling the procedures listed still relate to pre Ducatos because the info is similar to that I uncovered. In addition, the chap in the wiki-article specifically states he has followed the instructions with a Ducato!

I also cannot for the life of me figure out where "button B" referred to in the instructions is located. I suspect it refers to the odometer clearing button on pre models located within the transparent plastic cover over the odometer and rev counter. So, unless I'm mistaken, Larrynwin and Autoquest may be correct in saying the answer lies with the use of an OBD11 reader to clear the wrench icon. Fortunately, I picked one these readers up prior to leaving Canada and have it with me in the van So, hopefully I can locate the OBD socket tomorrow and clear the icon with the reader.

Will let you know. Goose said:. I tried the OBD11 reader I have. It's in the compartment housing all the fuses and is the pin socket arranged in two rows of 8 pins.

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There might, however, be a alsight difference between American OBD11 readers and European ones because I'm getting nowhere. In Canada you attach the reader to the socket and then turn the key to the first position in the ignition without starting the engine. This powers up the reader. But as soon as I attach the reader to the socket in the Ducato the reader immediately powers up and begins to read the vehicle's computer.

Unfortunately, after 30 seconds the reader presents an error message which, according to the instruction manual, states that the reader is not reading the computer correctly. Don't be shy, come join us! So what are you waiting for? Join the largest FIAT community on the web today! Join Date: Jan So when i start my car, service coupon expried comes up on the screen, and then goes off.

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What does this mean? My car was serviced fully 3 months ago?!?!?! Secondly, engine oil pressure high or something keeps coming up every once in a while and cuts out my engine. Cheers Joel.

fiat punto service coupon expired reset

Join Date: Jul The service message should have been reset by the dealer when they did the service. Never seen oil pressure high message before, could it have been low oil pressure? Join Date: Sep Location: Kirkby in Ashfield. I know this is a silly question but is there enough oil in there? Ill double check the oil pressure message when i see it next.

If it is low pressure then was it caused by the cold weather by any chance? How could i go about getting it reset manually? Or will i have to go to a dealer or garage or something? Thanks Guys. I just happend, i went to pull off at a set of lights and it stalled and this message came up. What's up with the car guys? Last edited by Mr Cousins; at Join Date: Nov A Bosch service independent dealer can reset your service indicator for you.

Are you saying the oil pressure warning came up after the stall or before? If its after the stall thsats expected. If before then thats something else. Yes after the stall. For example, today i just started to pull away from some lights like a usual and stall Im sure it sais insuff oil pressure though, ive seen it before.


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Next time it happens ill wait for the full message. It isnt anything dangerous is it? I saw the topic come up before and there are many queries about it but noone has ever mentioned the word "insufficient" in there message before. Would they charge to get that message reset? Join Date: Apr Location: Pencoed south wales. Join Date: Aug Location: Norwich, Norfolk. Originally Posted by Mr Cousins. Stockest of mk2 Panda Parts, PM for any parts requests. I got a man in a van to reset my light for a tenner think he used snap-on diagnostic.